Happy New Year!

from Geek Girl, Linux Land

I am coming out of hibernation briefly to wish you all the very best for 2023! May it be filled with peace, hope and success.

The last three months have seen me adding study (a Graduate Certificate in an I.T. discipline), to the existing juggle of family and work. Blogging has been the inevitable casualty which has been disappointing for me personally, even though I am super-excited that I get to dabble in I.T. again! This blog is still live, but updates will be infrequent until I finish study, hopefully early 2024.

Earlier this year I got to visit Nkhotakota Pottery Lodge where visitors can create their own pottery pieces. This post’s featured image is my attempt to paint Girl Tux onto pre-baked pottery tiles. It was a fun exercise, but also gave me an appreciation of how difficult it is to produce a beautiful piece of pottery!

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