Welcome to geek girl, linux land

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$ whoami

Sometimes you have to leave something to realise how much you love it.

Earlier this year, I switched careers to chase a dream with my partner which involves working in a non-tech role overseas. Up until then I had identified as a systems engineer working in the Unix and Linux space. If one includes my time in university, I’ve spent close to 30 years immersed in the information technology industry.

For most of those years I felt like a reluctant sysadmin, struggled with imposter syndrome, and felt inadequate. Once I stepped away from it, I realised both how much I loved it, and what a privileged life I’ve led, working in tech for over two decades.

This blog is part of my staying sane and connected to the industry while I get myself established in my new career. There will most probably be some soap-box moments, perhaps some reminiscing, and quite likely some how-to docs in the vague hope that someone somewhere in the big ether world will find something in here useful.

Please read the about me page to find out more.

Please read the disclaimer before you implement any advice or recommendation here. TL;DR: you are responsible for any actions you take on yours or others’ systems. Not me.

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